Shipping and Cancellation

Shipping and Cancellation Policy

Shipping Policy


Paintkiya uses third party courier services for logistics of orders’ parcels. These courier companies work independently and Paintkiya does not have any direct control over working or policies of the courier companies.  In unforeseen and unfortunate cases wherein courier services refuse to accept customer’s claim of wrong or tampered delivery or non-delivery of parcels, Paintkiya shall not be held liable for any loss until below mentioned guidelines are followed by customers.

If parcel is received in tampered condition, customer shall refuse to accept parcel from courier person.

Even if parcel is intact, Customer ought to video-record the act of opening the received parcel as proof of any unforeseen and unfortunate case of receiving wrong or missing products inside parcels.

In case customer denies receiving the parcel, while courier company shows parcel to be delivered, customer needs to raise the issue within 48 hours of delivery message. Paintkiya will share Proof of Delivery (POD) with the customer after receiving it from the courier company.

Even after sharing POD, if customer refuses to accept the authenticity of the shared POD, Paintkiya can ONLY assist the customer in raising the concern with the concerned courier company. Paintkiya would re-fulfil the order ONLY when courier company confirms that indeed parcel is lost and not delivered to the customer.

We do not accept International and COD (Cash on Delivery) order, we will inform you once we start.

Important: As you add more products in your order, shipping cost per product decreases drastically.

Cancellation Policy

All painting products are handmade and created as per your order only so once an order is placed, You can’t cancel it. As well refund also does not allowed.