Pencil Sketch


Pencil Sketch


Pencil Sketch is a form of dry art made of finely ground organic materials held by a glue or wax binder or used without a binder by removing oxygen present inside the material during the manufacturing process Is produced.

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  • Pencil sketch is a versatile medium that can be used in an expressive drawing style or with a more detailed technique suited to naturalistic art.
  • It is often used in combination with white chalk on a neutral coloured paper to extend its tonal range.
  • Pencil and chalk drawings stand on their own as an independent artistic genre but the medium is also used in a supporting role to establish the under-drawing for oil or acrylic paintings.
  • Pencil drawing is addictive. Maybe it’s because charcoal drawings are so fast and immediate, or maybe because the final look is often so impressive, but people love charcoals.

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120 x 180cm, 20 x 25cm, 27 x 35cm, 30 x 40cm, 40 x 50cm, 50 x 60cm, 60 x 75cm, 60 x 90cm, 75 x 100cm, 90 x 120cm

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1 Person, 2 Person, Family, Animal, Landscape

  • Do not attempt to clean the surface by using solvents or cleaning products of any kind.
  • Cleaning liquids may actually embed the dirt into the painting and cause permanent liquid lines over the surface.
  • In fact, it is discouraged to use any liquid, including water, to clean the surface of your acrylic painting.
  • Never use dry or moist dust cloths, stiff bristle brushes or feather dusters to clean a painting as threads can catch on areas of raised paint and dusters can scratch the painting.
  • Avoid spraying any fresheners, polish etc. directly onto a painting.
  • For orders delivered in India GST/Taxes will be applied additionally – for Art(12%), Crafts(18%)
  •  Shipping worldwide; Shipping free in India
  •  For international orders, please note that import duty may be applicable (borne by the customer)
  •  Shipping condition – rolled in a tube
  •  Customized Printing on Canvas/Art Paper are also available
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